Limo After Covid

Los Angeles is open for business

The Coronavirus pandemic put an end to a variety of events throughout Los Angeles and few establishments were open to welcome limo clients in the city. 2022 has been the year where we are approaching normal life again or perhaps a new normal. Here are some tips for limos past COVID-19.

Concerts and Shows

After years of cancellations and rescheduling, concert and entertainment venues are once again welcoming guests this year. Limousines are being reserved for numerous upcoming big-name shows, including concerts by Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney, AURORA, Alicia Keys, and many more. We also serve rides to Las Vegas where even more customers are heading for the reopening of music festivals, concerts, and other entertainment.

Restaurants and Dining

Eateries have mostly reopened throughout the Los Angeles area and are once again welcoming limos for romantic date dinners, family outings, and more. Easily combined on any limo journey, whether your main purpose is a wine-tasting tour, party bus night, or music show, combine a meal at one of the city’s many great diners on your excursion!

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Bars and Clubs

Have you missed the dance clubs and Hollywood nightlife? No more! Nightclubs are open again throughout the Greater LA Area. Los Angeles County Limousine is once again heading its way with party buses every weekend for unforgettable party nights. Combine visits to numerous of them and party in style. Our buses are equipped with state-of-the-art surround sound systems, dance poles, party lighting, and more. We can accommodate any group size with LA’s largest party bus selection.

Amusement Parks

Popular for locals and tourists alike, the city’s numerous theme parks are once again re-opened for fun. Whether for a tour with friends, colleagues, or family, a visit to LA’s world-renown amusement parks can be made even more fun when riding in style. Party your way to or from parks such as Pacific Park, Disneyland, Six Flags, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios, or others. Studio tours are also common for limousines with tours at studios such as Warner Bros., Universal, Sony Pictures, and Paramount Pictures.

Travels and LAX

LAX and other California airports have seen a drastic rebound in passenger traffic this year. Airline travels are creeping up to pre-COVID levels and as before, we are transferring clients to LAX, Hollywood Burbank, Long Beach Airport, John Wayne, and other airports in the region. For rides to or from the local airports, you can trust us for timely, punctual, prompt, and on-time services. With the biggest selection of SUVs, limos, sedans, and limo buses in the Los Angeles area, you are guaranteed to find a vehicle that will suit your preference and size group.

Beer Crawls and Wine-Tasting

Southern California’s picturesque wine country is open for business with its captivating scenery, charming wineries, delicious wines, and lush green rolling vineyards. Experience the best of the region’s wine country on an award-winning tour of the Santa Ynez Valley, Malibu Canyon, Temecula, Santa Rita Hills, or any other wine region in SoCal. Besides winery tours, we also offer customized craft brewery tours, a favorite for bachelor and company parties as well as for team-building and client entertainment.

Los Angeles is open for business again and great times are awaiting with Los Angeles County Limousine.

5 Best Movie Sets at Universal Studios

Multitudes of films and TV shows have been made at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles. But what are the biggest films shot here? And what sets and locales can be experienced on the studio tour? Los Angeles County Limousine will highlight the best productions on the backlot, where all can be seen on the Studio Tours.

5) Desperate Housewives

When transferring tourists by limousines to the park, Wisteria Lane is a common topic of conversation. The street, as shown in the TV show, is a beloved tram stop.

4) War of the Worlds

An epic set is the airplane crash scenes from this 2005 Spielberg classic. The wrecked airplane, smoke, and sirens – all sighted in the movie – still appear untouched to be seen on the tram ride.

3) The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Limousine chauffeurs regularly hear about this 2000 comedy from travelers. The fictional town of Whoville was erected on the backlots and is consistently visited.

2) Jaws: The Revenge

Maybe the most famous release to be filmed on-site, this 1987 masterpiece has iconic sequels done at Universal. The fictional Amity Island and pier scenes were recorded by a manmade pond, which is a stop for trams. Los Angeles limo services have been booked to the sets simply due to the presence of the infamous Jaws’ Pier.

1) Psycho

Los Angeles limos are used for lots of activities. From wine tastings, weddings, and even visits to the notorious Bates Motel from this 1960 classic. Perhaps the most notable site, visitors may have an opportunity to see Norman Bates himself.

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The City of Angeles has an abundance of adventures awaiting. What’s better? Experiencing the LA landmarks by Limos, obviously!

Musts in LA | Los Angeles County Limousine

Hollywood Walk of FameLos Angeles limo services are lucky. Not only to transfer first-class celebrities and meet some amazing people but lucky to be seeing the coolest sides of LA. While party buses often transport clientele to Hollywood nightclubs, we also do a multitude of wine tours to surrounding vineyard regions.

Being amongst the largest supplier of limos in the city, we also serve a larger number of international vacationers visiting LA. Annually visited by about 40 million people, LA is a tourist mecca and home to some of the world’s most popular attractions.

In this list, we will highlight our recommendation for “Musts To Do When Visiting LA.”

1. Theme Parks

Universal Studios Limo ServiceWhether it is Universal Studios, Disneyland, or Six Flags a visit to one of Los Angeles’ many amusement parks is definitely a must. For movie lovers, head to Universal for an experience of life. Thrill-seekers? Foreign tourists often use Los Angeles limos in order to visit Magic Mountain. Here you can find some of America’s largest – and fastest – rollercoasters! And Disneyland is Disney – the second-most visited theme park in the world.

2. Hollywood

Party bus service los angelesHollywood is so much. So where do you start? First and foremost, first-time visitors should see the world-famous Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame. For the best of LA nightlife, order a party bus to go club-hopping in Hollywood! Sunset Strip may be your top bet for an unforgettable party night in Los Angeles.

First-time visitors often end up getting a limousine to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and follow the stars from there. What better way for an adventurous trip in the City of Angels? Limousines are also commonly used on days of sightseeing in the area. We have transported Angelenos here from as close as Los Feliz to as far as San Francisco.

3. Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier with its Pacific Park on Santa Monica Beach is highly suggested for first-timers. While local Angelenos may get tired of the pier, the nearby beach, and boardwalk are musts. Maybe the most signature beach in the city of Angels, many visitors simply refer to it as “the Baywatch Beach.” The boardwalk has a variety of eateries, shops, and more.

4. Santa Catalina

How about a tropical island getaway? No, it is not Hawaii with its 6-hour flight time, but Catalina Island of LA County! A vacationers paradise, limousines to Catalina are popular. Although the limousine will leave you at the coast, 26 miles away awaits an idyllic Pacific island. Here you can enjoy golf carting around the island, exploring, dining, scuba, and even safari bus tours!

5. Malibu

Surf City USA, or Malibu for short, is yet another excellent place travelers ought to see. From its crystal clear beaches to its great outdoor wine-tasting venues, this might be the most beautiful region in Southern California. While Los Angeles limos often are hired for wine tours in the canyons, there are also a fair amount of limos heading to the beaches.

Ready for limousine excitement in Southern California? Our Los Angeles-based service offers transportation state-wide.

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